SEO/SEM Company in India

SEO is used to generate organic traffic to your website thus increase your revenue. It is also mandatory to promote your website. For this purpose, we do On Page and Off Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for our customer’s business websites. We start by finding relevant keywords that ideally suit your business. High traffic keywords lead you to the heights of top search engine rankings and help the visitors to find you soon. Proper implementation of a targeted content architecture is ultimate to achieve high rankings rapidly. Our Digital Marketing Company provides SEO service that increases the traffic of your website.

If you are ready to start tapping into the unrealized potential of search engine optimization, contact us online and we would be glad to discuss what SEO can do for you.

Our SEO Services strategy involves:

  •   SEO friendly web design and development.
  •   Keyword research.
  •   Link building.
  •   Article writing and submission.
  •   SEO content writing.
  •   On Page optimization.
  •   Pay Per Click Management
  •   Report generation, adherence to deadline.
  •   Google Places Optimization and Local listings.
  • Customer support through Voice, chat, e-mail, skype

Below are the Development Technologies we are work in:

  •   Search Engine Optimization
  •   Search Engine Marketing
  •   Link Building
  •   Pay Per Click Management
  •   Social Media Marketing
  •   Local Search Optimization
  •   Mobile SEO

What do we serve in SEO Services?

We analyze your website for the SEO optimization. Make detail of all small and big problems in your site. We discuss these problems and solutions below:

1. Website Performance and Speed

For rank on the top page of the Google page, we need good Website Performance and Speed. Website Performance and Speed is one of the important factors that impact SEO optimization. Google prefers those websites with the top results, which are light speed. If your Website speed is slow on mobile and desktop then we optimize your website in different ways.

Match the performance that is recommended by Google: Desktop needs more than 90 and Mobile speed needs more than 80.

2. SEO Optimization

The second most common factor is SEO Optimization, we need our website with suitable keywords so our website will rank on the Google page and we get business that we want.

How we optimize our website speed?

You can render your unnecessary css and jawa files codes so that your website load quickly. You also use cache plugin that optimize your page cache and database cache.

What is Speed recommend by google?

Google recommends a mobile speed of more than 80 and desktop speed of more than 90. We need to optimize our website and make it as light as we can.

What is full form of SEO?

Full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.